Keraban jewelry are timeless pieces made to last. Taking the time to properly care for your jewelry will be worth it in the long run. Always keep your jewelry out of humid environments to avoid their natural tarnishment. In general, wearing your Keraban jewelry on a daily basis will keep them from tarnishing.


To keep your jewelry beautiful and shiny over the years, we recommend these small tips :

  • We suggest you store your jewelry in the box it was delivered in or in small individual cotton pouches so their surfaces don't scratch over time. Also, do not place your jewelry on hard surfaces and do not place heavy items on your jewelry
  • Dust, perfume, body creams and water can alter the appearance of your jewelry. Please remove them before applying makeup, perfume, skin or hair products
  • Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products
  • Please do not wear your jewelry in the shower or while exercising


Specific care for sterling silver / Silver is a delicate material that should be handled with care to keep it beautiful and shiny. Sterling silver jewelry can tarnish over time. This process is natural and can be accelerated in humid environments. Please, do not store your jewelry in the bathroom. If your jewelry tarnishes, it can be easily cleaned by using a soft tooth brush and soapy water or a special silver polishing cloth which you can usually find at a general hardware store (such as Sunshine Cloth).


How do I maintain the finish of my jewelry / Keep in mind that brushed, satin brushed and oxidized jewelry are meant to evolve and develop a unique patina as you wear it. Our high polished jewelry tend to stay bright when worn regularly, but brushed jewelry will evolve with time. Our brushed finish items can be restored by rubbing them with Scotch Brite.


Specific care for gold vermeil or plated jewelry / Although vermeil is resistant to time, small stains can appear on its surface. To remove them, use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap. Gently rub your jewelry with a soft cloth and rinse it by using another cloth. Carefully dry it afterward and place it in your jewelry box.


Special care for oxidized copper and patinas / Jewelry in oxidized copper are ephemeral in nature ; they will naturally change color and darken over time. To protect the patina, store them seperated from other jewelry and hard surfaces. Please do not expose them to moisture, lotions, oils, soaps, or other liquids and handle only with clean dry hands. Always avoid contact with water, humid environments and keep them out of direct sunlight.