- Small series and custom made jewelry -

ABOUT /// Keraban is a jewelry line created by Noëmie Simard-Dupuis. Inspired by urban landscapes, architecture and graphic arts, the collection creates a feminine geometry expressed through clean lines and architectural silhouettes. Sculptural and geometric patterns are the DNA of her jewelry collections. Keraban is dedicated to creating pieces that embody a sense of timelessness.

All pieces are locally designed and handmade by Noëmie herself in her independent jewelry workshops based in Toulouse and Montreal. Committed to producing modern and responsible jewelry, each piece is unique and handcrafted from precious metals - sterling silver, vermeil, 18-karat gold - and stamped with a hallmark.

Noëmie is also member of the Ateliers d’art de France ; a label that promotes quality craftsmanship, small-scale production and unique custom-made pieces.



Maison&Objet | Paris, 19-23 jan. 2023
Salon Fragments | Toulouse 2022
Pop Up Expérience Collective | Paris 2022
Finaliste Concours Talents de Mode | Lyon 2021
Lauréat Concours Challangel – Salon Bijorhca WHO’S NEXT | Paris 2021
SOUK MTL 17th Edition | Montréal 2020
Finaliste Concours Régional Ateliers d’Art de France | 2020
Salon des Artisans d’Art | Toulouse 2018-19
Salon des Arts et du Feu | Martres-Tolosane 2018




Tincal Lab Antivirus Exhibition | Porto 2020
Espace Éclair Space | Toulouse 2018-19



Parution Ma Maison Magazine no.26 | Mai 2021
Éditorial Lucy’s Magazine vol.61 | Mars 2021
Éditorial Magazine Châtelaine | Jan. 2021

Keraban est membre pépinière des ateliers d'art de france